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What's On In January

January in Shrewsbury

Your handy guide to what's happening in Shrewsbury in the New Year!

Big Country - Wonderland Tour

14th January

AGMP Concerts present Big Country LIVE at The Buttermarket for the ‘Wonderland’ tour.The band broke massively worldwide with the release of the album’s classic singles ‘Fields Of Fire’, ‘Chance’, ‘Look Away’ & signature song ‘In A Big Country’, which went on to become massive worldwide hits.

Prison Break

15th January

Prison Break, the event, takes place in the expansive four acre grounds of Shrewsbury Prison. It is packed full of challenges, puzzles, hidden clues, helpful prisoners and hindering officers. How will you overcome these challenges to achieve freedom?

Tanners Talks - The Villainous Victorians

20th January

The first in a series of historical talks, The Villainous Victorians. The ancient market town of Shrewsbury has a prestigious past, its many and splendored buildings are so admired by tourists and locals alike BUT beneath its dormer windows, cobbled streets and Tudor façades lie a few rather nefarious characters and their stories.

A General History Of Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings

21st January

Join Dick Allen from the Friends of Shrewsbury Flaxmill for a talk about the iconic building's origins in the late 18th Century, its life as a flax mill, transformation to a maltings and its final closure in 1987.

Omid Djalili: The Good Times Tour

22nd January

After experimenting with a Zoom gig where he got muted by 639 people & a Drive-in gig where Omid witnessed an audience member get out his car, attach a hose pipe to his exhaust & feed it through the window; multi award-winning comedian & actor Omid Djalili is now where he belongs, on a stage & bringing back the Good Times.

Dan Walsh & Rachel Baiman

23rd January

BBC Folk Awards Best Musician nominee Dan Walsh combines British, Irish and American folk music delivered with a healthy dose of funky grooves all performed with his unique and dazzling take on clawhammer style banjo.

Fern Brady - Autistic Bikini Queen

26th January

Following a sold out tour across Europe and Australia in 2019 and her most recent BBC stand up special Power & Chaos, Fern Brady brings her fifth solo show Brain on a nationwide tour.

Ed Byrne

30th January

Join Ed as he takes a long hard look at himself and tries to decide if he has ANY traits that are worth passing on to his children. ED BYRNE presents his brand-new masterclass in observational comedy hot on the heels of his 17/18 Touring hit.

Late Victorian & Edwardian Science Fiction

31st December - 14th March

The nineteenth century saw major advances in science and technology. These in turn gave rise to great hopes but also to dire fears which we can see expressed in the literature of the period. Science fiction as a distinct genre focusing on space travel, future wars, utopias and dystopias emerges at this time.

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